back up plans


The Photographer

We all want to capture the best moments of our wedding in photos, be it to flick through a beautiful page of colourful memories whenever we want to relive celebrations, to frame for the mantle of our first love nest, or to send to those over-seas relatives who couldn't make the day.


I'll bet you spent weeks searching through portfolios and trawling online agencies for the photographer who gave off just the right vibe for your wedding! So what happens on the morning of your big day when your phone rings to tell you they've fallen badly ill or had some freak water-skiing accident?? Have a back-up plan!

Hiring through a photography agency is great, as often they will not hire out all of their photographers on one day. Also, they'll work to a professional standard across their entire board of employees. Confirm this on your first consultation.

Going with an independent artist to shoot your day? When interviewing for the job, ask if they have professional relationships with other photographers that would be willing to act as back-up in the case of such an unfortunate situation. If they do, be sure to assess their suggested understudy's portfolio as well. You'll want to make sure that they have similar techniques and styles of photography, so that either way; rain, hail or emergency room visit; your wedding day moments will be frozen in glossy pages that you can fawn over for years to come! Cheese!