autumn doldrums


“Thy bounty shines in Autumn 


And spreads a common feast

For all that live”

- James Thomson

I can't help but be bewildered at the exclamations of tragedy and dismay that begin when that first Autumn breeze rolls through town. Whilst many are still drunk on the blazing Summer sun, the I do in a Day family are overjoyed for the arrival of Autumn! A change in season brings a change in palette, and Autumn brings the richest of the four by far.

Autumn Feet

Crisp blue skies and heavenly rays of sunshine are what characterises the Autumn doldrums. With day time temperatures perfectly suited (no pun intended) for our formal attire; not too steamy for the tux, not too chilly for the spaghetti straps; followed by balmy still nights, this season creates a most blissful wedding setting!

Not only do couples get seduced by the crimson and golden splashes of colour brought by these months, but also the textures and tastes! Embrace all that is earthy and rich for your Autumn wedding! An outdoor wedding can be fun and flirty during the day, then romantic and cosy of an evening...

Theme your celebrations with rustic centrepieces that showcase the foliage and fruits of this season. Make your bridal bouquet really pop with puffy sweet peonies, framed by sprays of delicate auburn leaves and bright red cranberries. Add a foxy orangey-red lip and you're good to go! And resist the temptation to reach for the lipgloss, matte is where it's at!

Make the most of seasonal local produce by using stone fruit preserves as gifts. For a to-die-for dessert, ask your caterer to use flavours like fig, date, nectarine and chestnut. Autumn has a distinctly cosy-caramel flavour about it! Quench your guests thirsts with a zesty apple cider. Or perhaps even a heart warming Dark n' Stormy? Rum, ginger beer and lime create the perfect mix of heat, colour and citrus in this definitively deciduous cocktail. After the hotter nights of Summer, toast to your I do's and the chilled-out change of season with heavier robust reds and whites that scream delicious notes of honey and nectarine (Fume Blanc is my personal favourite).

Maybe it's the shades of red, maybe the melancholy mood that comes with the end of Summer. Whatever the reason, Autumn brings with it senses of warmth and romance. What better notions on which to base the day you celebrate life with the one you hold dearest of all. What better a season in which to say I do...