anniversary traditions


Silver, golden, ruby, pearl. We're all vaguely aware of the big anniversary traditions 20, 25 and 60 years after you say your “I do”s. But what about the early days?? At “I do in a Day” we love traditions and we LOVE any excuse for a celebration! We thought we'd put together a few articles that go over anniversary traditions, starting from the “and-they-said-it-wouldn't-last” one year mark. Here we'll tell you about the gifts associated with each anniversary and also give you some funky  ideas to incorporate them! We begin with years one to three...

Red Love Hearts

One Year Anniversary

I bet it feels like only yesterday you and your true love locked married lips for the first time. These past twelve months are a year to be proud of! For those of us a mere 365 days in, the traditional gift is paper, in any way, shape or form. Write a sweet poem or love letter on some beautiful stationary, sealed with a personalised vintage initial stamp. Wrap a bouquet of flowers in paper music of your favourite love song. Make up some cheeky little vouchers that your partner can use to redeem massages, romantic bubble baths and, well, whatever else floats your boat! Another great paper gift comes in the form of tickets! Give your hubby tickets to the movies, a rock show, or go all out and head to the airport together for an adventure!

Two Year Anniversary

The traditional gift for couples two years into marital bliss is cotton. And what's the sweetest, most fun form of cotton?...Cotton Candy of course! Take your loved one for a night of silly-ness at the circus or the carnival! If you're a couple that like to indulge in the luxuries of life, buy each other some lavish Egytian Cotton sheets. Find some classy monogrammed robes or head to a nearby massage parlour to be wrapped up in relaxation for the day. Grab a new picnic rug or a couple of big beach towels and surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip to the beach! Or, for the fashion savvy love-birds, simply hit your favourite style strip for some new threads, followed by a romantic anniversary lunch.

Three Year Anniversary

Three years on and tradition takes an interesting turn! History tells us we are supposed to give the gift of ...leather...hmmm. Well, if you're a little scribbler like us and hate to be without a pen and paper, a leather bound journal is a beautiful, practical gift. If you want to get your husband some boyish bling, be on the look out for a nice leather belt or cuff for his wardrobe. Love that new car smell? Put some rev into this tradition and hire a luxury car for the day. Take an anniversary spin through wine country in a leather upholstered classic and soak up some sun with the top down. Cute couple on the outside, kinky couple on the inside? Surprise your man with a something saucy! A raunchy little leather whip, a sexy little Cat Woman outfit, whatever tickles your fancy! Prefer just plain cute? A puppy needs a cool leather collar to keep up with the big dogs in the playground! If you're ready, your three year anniversary could be a wonderful day to start shopping for a furry addition to your family...