anniversary guide continued…


Our guide to wedding anniversaries continues! Read on love-birds, for romantic and quirky modern suggestions on how to celebrate your years together whilst upholding tradition...

Candy Treats

4 Year Anniversary

Four years into matrimony and we come to a somewhat fauna themed tradition. Flowers and fruits are the gift to be given on the fourth year. Personally I think a divine bunch of flowers never dates (I'm a sucker for old school romance). However if you want to change it up from the long stemmed roses and do something you can both enjoy, why not find your nearest botanical gardens? Take a blissful wander through the beautiful perfumed park in search of the perfect picnic spot to canoodle. Perhaps you're lucky enough to have a fruit orchard nearby! Spend an afternoon produce picking and look forward to the delicious reward at the end. Most berries and cherries are in season in Summer, with pears, figs and apples ripe and ready to be plucked in Autumn. Take your haul home (if you have the discipline to not eat while you pick!) and use it to make your anniversary dinner or dessert. Berry sorbet, brandied apple pie, prosciutto wrapped figs, delish!

5 Year Anniversary

Probably one of my favourite anniversary gift traditions comes around at the 5 year mark. On this day, we are told to give wooden presents. Lace up your little booties and go for an adventurous hike through the forest! Dissolve into a high school sweethearts fantasy as you carve his and your initials into the bark of a tree. If you're a beachy girl or a bit of a hippie at heart, your boy can spoil you with a handmade tribal wooden-bead necklace, or some funky wooden wedge shoes. Take a drive to the suburb in your area renowned for amazing antiques and pick out a piece together to mark your special day. An unusual chair for the study, a treasure chest with intricate carvings, or some vintage wooden picture frames to hold pictures of loved ones. Who knows, it may become an heirloom that makes it way from generation to generation in years to come. If the two of you love a party at any chance, why not host a bonfire night with your friends? Ask everyone to bring a bit of kindling for the fire and celebrate your anniversary toasting with tunes and marshmallows under the stars.

6 Year Anniversary

Hey all you sugar fanatics out there! Six years of marriage means it's time for candy themed pressies! We all have that one favourite sweet that takes us back to the days of school sporting carnivals and milk bar lolly-bags. Take a nostalgic trip to the candy shop and sample the classics;  licorice bullets, snakes, milk bottles, tattoo bubblegum; and head to an old school drive in movie! Find a candy factory near you and take a tour. Many cities have traditional rock candy making stores hidden that will give demonstrations. Watch as the Candy Puller mixes neon colours and secret ingredients to create rainbow rock candies, then pick your favourite flavours to enjoy at home. If you'd rather wine and dine your lover in celebration, finish off a romantic dinner at a swish mixology bar that serves devilish rounds of Mars Bar and Lemon Drop Martinis!