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And we come once again, my beloved I-do-ers, to your wedding anniversaries guide. You and your soul mate are seven years into married life, and of course, the party goes on!

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Seven Years

Temperatures in Australia are dropping as we reach the middle of 2013 (honestly, where has this year gone?)! Those of us celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary can rejoice in snug celebrations, for the traditional gift for this year is wool! This tradition is said to symbolise the warmth in your hearts created by your love. To keep your main man's toes toasty in as we head into the icier months, invest in a pair of genuine sheep's wool Ugg boots. They cost a touch more than your average pair of slippers, but they last a lifetime and are akin to wearing electric blankets on your feet! For the lady in your life, a classic woollen trench is a timeless wardrobe piece she'll value forever. A pair of knitted fingerless gloves and a chunky woollen beanie are fun ways to add a splash of colour during grey days. Anniversary falls in the warmer months you say? Seven years is also celebrated with the gift of copper! Invest in a unique copper sculpture for the garden or mantel for a sentimental gift the two of you can enjoy always.

Eight Years

They say that the number eight is symbolic of power and practicality. In this sense, I feel it quite suited that the traditional gift given on the eight year marriage mark is pottery. Pottery has been used for as long as historians can trace back to create beautiful pieces of necessity. Indulge your own sense of practicality and the power to create by enrolling in a pottery class with your partner! It's a bit of creative, silly fun which, who knows, may even end up like a scene from “Ghost”. But if you're not a Swayze fan this is a cool opportunity to check out the nearest history museum together. Spend an afternoon gazing at ancient spear heads and incredible ceramic Grecian artefacts.

Nine Years

Blue is the colour (but hopefully not the mood!) that dictates nine years of marital mischief together! The Lapis stone is a beautiful deep blue gem, marbled with gold and green flecks that make it look as though you could be holding a tiny little ocean in the palm of your hand. This mysterious stone is said to radiate energies of love, power and healing. For the ladies this year, it's the ideal fashionista anniversary. The electric blue colour of the stone is perfect for a statement piece of jewellery, a pair of retro sunnies or that special nail laquer that seriously pops! The lads can enjoy their bling this year as well. The matte finish of this stone makes it brilliant for men's pendants and surfy cuffs made from oxidised silver. If you like the idea of doing rather than buying, DIY this anniversary with a funky mosaic piece for the garden! Smash up some deep blue second hand tiles, pop on some tunes and get your working gloves on to create something 100% unique together. A Persian inspired piece of art, a secret pathway or a feeder for the blue birds to come and bathe.

If there's one thing that we maintain here at I do in a Day, it's an resolute love of celebration! So be sure to tune in next time for your next wedding anniversary guide instalment!