the glowing bride


It's easy enough to head to your local pharmacy and pick up a body scrub. However, it's even easier to take a short stroll to the pantry and whip one up that's equally as luxurious! It's fascinating how many ingredients that sit in our kitchens, day in, day out, can actually lend marvellous healing qualities to dull, Summer-beaten skin. These all natural remedies may be just what you need to get your bod' glowing and silky smooth for your wedding day. Read through our little list that follows for some DIY body scrub ideas, great for increasing circulation and ridding you of dead skin cells (yeah, ew). Be sure to check for any allergies or skin conditions that you may have before using, we don't want you breaking out at the alter!

Beauty Routine

Olive oil. Delicious in salads, nutritious in pastas, incredibly moisturising for your little paws! This Italiano super ingredient is full of antioxidants that will help to soothe tired, weather worn skin. Why do you think Sophia Loren looked so good during her golden days of film? Olive oil is great mixed with other elements that create a coarse scrub, like brown sugar or sea salt, though it's super effective and easy to use on it's own. Grab you exfoliating mits or a face-washer, lay out a big towel and give your whole body a gentle scrub. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes before rinsing in the shower (careful not to drip any on the shower floor! Safety hazard!). The oil is extracted from the olive via various methods, however it is best to choose the “cold pressed” varieties. This means that the product has not been heated during extraction, as heat can damage the existing nutrients and change the flavour. Also, look for “extra virgin” olive oils. These come from the first press of the olives and contain the most goodies straight from the plant!

If you have sensitive, trouble or combination skin, you may be dreading the notion of a flesh-flashing bridal gown. Head to your colourful fruit bowl for nature's rejuvenation! It may surprise you to read that bananas can make for a great skin treatment! These suckers are loaded with potassium, which has antibacterial powers. This makes them great for skin inflammations or areas prone to breakouts. Mash up one banana, a touch of honey and some brown sugar for a relaxing and soothing body treatment. Just like a smoothie for your skin, restrain from gobbling it up first!

At “I do in a day”, we love our coffee. Seriously, we love it. We love our coffee so much that we rub it all over our bodies (in private of course, not in the office). You'll have seen all those beauty products popping up on the market, advertising that they contain our favourite wake up call, caffeine! In everything from puffy-eye remedies, cellulite treatments down to your daily latte, caffeine seems to be holding it's own in areas outside the percolator! The coffee berry contains loads of antioxidants, meaning it is great for fighting sun damage, the development of wrinkles and spots. Coffee can also help to reduce redness and swelling, as it has a tightening effect on blood cells. Use the grounds as an espresso-scented scrub to give your skin a deep clean and really wake you up in the morning!

Give these suggestions a whirl in your body beauty regime! Start with a test patch, a small area of skin on the inside of your arm or on your leg, to make sure you don't have any unpredicted reactions. Once you've found your favourite scrub combo that's right for your skin, try using it once or twice a week in the months leading up to your wedding. A subtle touch of fake tan, and you'll walk that aisle looking positively, naturally radiant!