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Wedding Cake banter with JS Cake Creations Wedding cakes. They’re just cake, fondant and some buttercream on a stand right? Wrong! We had a chat to our friend, young budding business owner of JS Cake Creations Stephanie Hallaby, about her experience making wedding cakes and what goes into her beautiful masterpieces.

“Time wise, it completely depends on what kind of cake I’m making for the couple,” she says.

For example, a three tiered buttercream cake might take as little as 2.5 hours to make. A three tiered fondant covered cake can take up to 1.5 hours per layer. Then you need to factor in decoration time on top, because a fondant cake is essentially a blank canvas.”

Stephanie adds in that if you want a mud cake, factor in 3-4 hours in the oven. Sugar flower decorations can take up to 30 minutes, depending on the flower. And don’t forget cakes need filling also!

“I LOVE making naked cakes! They often involve more layers, but they are so much less time consuming and fiddly. A little more frosting here and there just blends into the rustic look! Add flowers and berries to the top, done, gorgeous!”

As for any challenging requests she’s had to deliver? Stephanie recalls one customer asking for a sponge cake filled with cherries, cream and meringue UNDERNEATH fondant. She also remembers a lady calling with a cake emergency at 10am that she needed fixed within a few hours! Luckily she managed to turn out a miracle that day!

“It’s not uncommon to hear about “cakers” crying over their cakes now and then,” she says of the not so lucky times.

“I’m yet to get to that stage, but I have had to cover a cake five times when my fondant just refused to play nice!”

Lastly, any advice for couples wanting to order their cakes?

“I would recommend placing your order at least three weeks in advance. Research needs to be done (because I want to give you exactly what you request!), ingredients and decorations need to be ordered. The less time you give me, the more I have to pay retail and the more it will cost you!”

As you can see Stephanie’s cakes are divine, but the talented little caker remarks she is still learning and experimenting.

“I’ve been experimenting with cake lace and stencilling with royal icing lately. They’re two techniques that create real statements on a cake. I’m learning about how to achieve the brushed embroidered look. I’ve also been trying my hand at using silverleaf, and let me tell you THAT is a whole lot harder than it looks!”

From the looks of what JS Cake Creations is making now, we’re sure she’ll get the hang of it soon!

I Do in a Day loves to support small businesses in the wedding industry. Contact us now if you’d like to enquire about a cake from JS Cake Creations, or if you need any assistance in choosing your wedding cake (we’re very, VERY good tasters).



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