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A dream wedding cannot take place without a dream-like setting.

George & Grace are designers of weddings and creative events. Utilising their innovative skills of creation, they showcase every couple's unique personalities and love. Their projects are realised by sourcing unique and wonderful props and hand-crafting what cannot be found.


A vibrant energy in the Melbourne creative industry, George & Grace combines bespoke services with a move towards highly personalised, hand-made celebrations. Founder Grace believes a focus on intimate client relationships enables them to dream up these gorgeous events and truly represent a couple's love throughout the ceremony and reception.

“I love turning a couple's ideas into life,” she says of her previous wedding experiences.

"You really get to know them and share in a snippet of their exciting journey,”

George & Grace has a passionate focus on embracing products of the community. They aim to source the majority of materials and props from local suppliers and artisans.

Grace goes on to expresses her current design obsession with greenery and foliage. 

“I can't get enough of it at the moment! However in the end I believe it's not about decorating to excess. It's about decorating simply and beautifully.”

Today, there is simply no excuse for the cookie-cutter wedding. George & Grace harness their eyes for raw beauty with their ability to think outside the conventional wedding box. Taking on each event with a fresh, inspirational approach, this multidisciplinary company will enable dream ideas to take shape and enter reality for your wedding day.

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