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Meet the Beer Gypsies; visiting weddings all over to dispense Victoria's best in local craft beer and cider. With their set-up/pack-down service, the Beer Gypsies will have your wedding bar covered. Bride, Groom and guests shan't lift a finger with Victoria's best beverage produce on tap.

The mobile bar was founded by Matt; partial to a Holgate Brew House Pilsner; and Dan; a devoted Napoleon & Co Apple Cider man.  The two say that, besides an obvious passion for local craft beer and cider, the organic concept for the Beer Gypsies was inspired by Matt's own wedding.

“We had a huge variety of beers from all over”, he says, describing his big day. “It was a fantastic experience and provided great conversation. However, we thought, surely there must be a way to avoid the unnecessary waste that comes with bottled beer.”


And so “On Tap” Beer Gypsies Mobile Catering was born!

The gents are not only environmentally aware craft beer connoisseurs and experienced bar tenders. They're also realists when it comes to big celebrations in this day and age, understanding that most people don't have an extravagant budget to spend on a wedding. The Beer Gypsies is a way of creating that experience of a winery or brewery setting, in a unique location. Every event they work is bespoke, individual and tailored to the dreams of the couple.

They're also romantics! Whilst they cater for a huge variety of celebrations, Matt and Dan say they love working weddings. 

“We get to share a completely unique and important day with so many different people, whilst doing what we love. What could be better than that?”

Their professional staff will make sure you're ready for every heart warming toast. With a wide range of beer, wine and cider to choose from, they'll tailor the perfect bar package to suit your wedding reception. If your party calls for more than the standard four hours of service, extra hours can be added to make sure your wedding guests party without thirst into the night. 

If you'd like to hire some travelling Beer Gypsies to work their magic at your own wedding, pop over to their website or contact them via their details below.

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