We hope the below FAQ may assist you in answering any of your questions, however if we have'nt covered your query please contact us at enquiries@idoinaday.com.au.

Help, I am having technical difficulties.

For any technical enquiries please email us at enquiries@idoinaday.com.au - we will be sure to get back to you with a solution promptly. 


What service does I do in a Day provide?  

I do in a Day are your personal online wedding planner ensuring all the details of your wedding dreams are captured whilst being affordable and saving you precious time. 

We offer expert one-to-one wedding coordination and support under the four key planning elements: practical, resourceful, emotional and inspirational.  

With the online convenience we are able to assist you with your planning needs regardless of your location or availability.


Why do I need a wedding planner?

Having your own personal wedding consultant means that you are able to plan your wedding with confidence. Confidence in knowing that you have expert advice with all the planning elements of your wedding along with emotional support to assist in making your wedding day as enjoyable as possible. 

Wedding Consultant - stress relief, ongoing support and guidance, planning tools, budget tips and to make your wedding more enjoyable. 


Do you service my area?

We sure do, being 100% online we are accessible any where there is internet connection. How great is that! No scheduling in meetings into your already busy lives, just email us your queries and we will get back to you before you know it. 


Do you offer face to face meetings and will you be there on our wedding day?

Our support is completely online so that we can ensure availability to answer your questions wherever you are, assist with your planning and provide prompt responses to your enquiries. We can source venue managers for your big day along with any other assistance you may require.  Being online means we can save you time by being accessible from your pc, laptop or tablet. 


How soon can I expect a response?

Our response time is generally within 24hrs.


How much do you charge?

Please see our buy page for our affordable rates.


Is it too soon or too late to subscribe?

It's never too late to utilise our expert advice. Whether you need a hand with all those last minute details that can so easily slip past your wedding radar or you would like the comfort of having a professional by your side for the entire journey, we are able to assist. 


If I feel this service is not for me, what are my options and when?

If your not 100% satisfied with your I do in a Day service after 14 days, simply send us an email explaining why (so we can ensure future improvement) and we will happily refund your payment. 


What devices can I access my bridal subscription from?

Your one to one profile is accessible from your PC, laptop or tablet. "I do in a Day"'s consultancy service isn't currently available on your smartphone, but it will be in no time! Perfection is currently under construction...