Subscription Terms, Disclaimer and Limitations of Service

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All and any use of the ’I do in a day’ website is in compliance with our website terms and conditions and it is based on your full unequivocal acceptance of those Terms and Conditions that you may use the website and its related Services.

As a subscriber to our online wedding consultancy service you accept in full our Terms, Disclaimers and Limitations of our Services as set out below and we confirm our Service obligations to you as set out herewith.

Your Subscription is for you only and you confirm and accept full responsibility for all the details you submit to, or share with I do in a day and its representatives and associates.

You fully accept and understand that our advice to you in any form and from any I do in a day employee, consultant, representative or associate is based upon our best knowledge and understanding of your details and requirements and upon the information you have supplied to us at the time the advice is supplied and that this is advice or resource information only for the sole purpose of trying to support you with the planning of your wedding. Whilst we are confident our advice shall always be professional, we cannot due to the online aspect of the service and our inability to know all the circumstances surrounding your wedding day, plans, venues and wedding services unequivocally ensure that the information we provide to you is fit for your exact purpose and that any advice or information should be relied upon in full or part.
Accordingly we cannot and do not take any responsibility for any wedding or other related services that you use, engage with or enter into any agreement with due to our information or advice to you or resources or adverts from our website. As such we cannot and do not take any responsibility in law or otherwise for any damages, difficulties, or other issues arising with your wedding or its related planning and services.

Your subscription is for our online consulting services which include access to the website, newsletters and blogs and an allocated online personal wedding consultant available via the website messaging system only. Whilst we shall always endeavour to respond to you messaging requirements via the website in a timely manner ensuring you receive a timely response to each message or request normally within 24 hrs, we cannot unequivocally guarantee a timely response due to a wide range of technical support possibilities. Equally we cannot guarantee the website will be accessible at all times due to the potential for maintenance or down time, but we shall always endeavour to inform you of any likely downtime and guarantee to refund you for your monthly subscription part of your total subscription fee if for any reason the website is down due to the fault of I do in a day for more than 72hrs.

You fully understand and accept that the service is entirely online and that payment for all subscriptions is in advance, is none refundable and is via PayPal only in Australian Dollars.

If at any point you have any queries or concerns regarding our service to you or these Terms you may email us at

You will receive a confirmation email from us within 48hrs of your Subscription fee been processed with your access details and a message from your allocated online wedding consultant. There after you can send as many messages and request for information that you require for the term of your subscription and we shall endeavour to respond to all messages in a timely manner and in strict confidence.
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